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An intuitive user experience for the Robot Run Project


As part of the Doseum Technology partners, we were asked to participate in the Robot Run Project.

Meredith Doby

VP of Exhibits
The challenge? To improve the user experience has while manipulating the robot through the exhibit’s User Interface.


Our solution

Develop a new Interface that will increase the usability of the exhibit.
The new exhibit acceptance was reflected right away after the installation. 3 years old kid was able to manipulate the robot due the self explanatory UI.
Integrate the new User Interface with the backend application that control the robot.
Communication between the new User Interface and the backend of the robot was flawless.
Create more engagement with the kids and the robots
Good feedback provided by the final user, it revealed that Objective and Problem were satisfied as expected.


A seamlessly User Interface to operate the Robot in the exhibit and a strong communication with the exhibit’s backend.
A lean process
Followed a design thinking approach as a team to reach the better solution for our client. Constant communication throughout the project. Quick implementation of early feedback received before and during implementation.
Our involvement
We met with the product owner and reviewed the challenges they faced to implement this solution in the past. We did a requirement analysis and definition, we created the UX, we sketched and designed the application, we did all the execution of the project (Managment, Development, Testing).
Technologies implemented
.NET, Labview, Unity.

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