Tracking performance tests on refrigeration units


Hussmann was looking for a better way to track the performance tests run on their refrigerator units.

Their test usually took anywhere from 6 to 100 hrs of continuous monitoring of the KPIs needed for their units to be UL and ASHRAE 72(American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) certified.


Our solution

The established operations procedures were not ideal and had to be re-defined so that the solutions developed for Hussmann could provide the best results in terms of efficiency.
Reduced testing lab chambers downtime by 37%.


Increased testing efficiency by 1.5x overall on all testing chambers and increased testing turnaround to internal customers by an average of 3 days per test.
Our process
Implemented Design Thinking process during our Discovery to better understand how the team operated and immediately detected duplicate and even triplicate work.
Our involvement
We met with the Test lab leaders in order to redefine the way they ran their process and how they used their tools to perform the testing so that we could connect and feed our solution real-time.
Technologies implemented
ReactJS, NodeJS, Electron, IIS, Windows Server 2018.

Tracking performance tests on refrigerator units