Nearshore Services

Nearshore Solutions
with experts that add value to your company

At Onephase, we have E2E Software and Consultancy
Nearshore solutions located right across the street.

Amplify your Possibilities

Onephase is a Nearshore Technology firm with locations in San Antonio, TX. and Monterrey, México.

Whether it is for a specific project, extending your team, or having a dedicated managed team, our team in Monterrey, Mx. is ready to add value to your company.

At Onephase, you will find Nearshore services for every type of project, from prototyping to full-cycle development; our talented and experienced teams will be ready for you.

Extend your Team capacity.


Onephase business solutions that boost your operations

Our teams are as flexible as your projects. With Onephase you are able to scale-up your team, almost immediately according to your business needs.

Custom Software solutions

We develop high-value software to fit our client's needs; Web Development, App Development, Application Modernization, VR/AR, 4.0 Industry.

Dedicated or Extended IT teams

Extending your team by Staffing IT experts or with a Managed Dedicated team with knowledge in Technology and Business.

Digital Consulting

We help companies with their Digital Transformation by providing multiple services like Customer Experience, MVP definition, Business Process digitalization, Cloud Strategy, and IT Audits.

Our Nearshore business models will help you add value to your company

Benefits from a Nearshore provider
Access to highly-skilled technology experts.
Bilingual and cultural affinity that reduce communication issues.
Cost-effective solution that will help you save up to 50% from US outsourcing.
Continuous workflow from Dedicated teams or staffing.
Proximity with any city in the US; Monterrey is 2 hours driving to the Texas south border or same-day flight to NY or Sea.
Same time coverage US and Canada.

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Get to know some of our Nearshore clients

Together we have achieved breakthrough transformation stories through technological innovation.

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We build lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients.

Experienced Staff on Top Platforms

Weather is a robust platform as SAP or a flexible one as Magento, our teams of experienced developers will offer you its skills for your business.





Data Base

Cloud Services

An engagement model right for you needs.

We look for the best way to collaborate to maximize our clients’ efforts and budget.

Managed Dedicated Teams

If you are looking for a team that can run the End2End process of your project, this model is ideal for your company.

Onephase team of experts will managed and deliver projects successfully providing long-term benefits and scalability for your company.

Staff Augmentation

This model will benefit the companies that want to extend their teams in specific roles.

This outsourcing model will help to you to scale up or down your team whenever you need it with our worry about the hiring process journey.

Learn Our Case Studies Through Transformation Stories

As markets and industries, we are always evolving. At Onephase, we strive for reshaping our clients business processes to connect their business needs with technological solutions. Discover how transformation through innovation has helped our clients prepare for the future.


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